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Zeoin is a one man web agency focusing on web marketing strategy. We work with you to mould the web in a way that brings it in line your business needs and marketing goals. Take a look at our portfolio and get in contact.

Our Services


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We build websites that convert based on your business needs. We pride ourself in understanding exactly what it is you need out of a website and help bring that to fruition. We don’t just just built ‘pretty’ web pages that look great but ultimately do nothing, we build websites suited to your audience and business goals to help you market yourself effectively online.

Web Apps

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Web applications are a great way to add differentiate your business and add interactive content to your offering. We specialise in browser based diagnostic tools to help bring in your customers by offering them bespoke and creative content for them to use in order to influence their buying decision.


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Good graphic design helps set your business above the rest. We use professional design software and expert skills to produce graphics that really make your business shine online. Often this takes the shape of engaging graphics to accompany your website or downloadable content such as White Papers or Brouchures.


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We specialise in corporate photography that compliments your business and brand. This often takes the shape of head shots or product photography to accompany your website and marketing efforts to ensure they look great.

Web Stratergy

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We use specially developed assessment tools and expert consultation techniques to help mould and manage a web strategy based around your personal business needs. Working alongside you every month our clients have access to all our expertise with us making recommendations and improvement to your web strategy month by month with expert analysis and consultation.

Web Marketing

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From engaging social media campaigns to getting your website noticed on Google, marketing is what brings all your efforts on the web together and gets people clicking! We are full of ideas and experience on how to get your website noticed and bringing in business.



Doug is a very experienced web developer with high levels of creativity, efficiency and patience. He is quick to understand the context of a proposition and knowing you can trust his solutions and ideas, he creates a fun and engaging process with which to do it. I value his advice and look forward to continuing the relationship over the years to come.​

Liz Sebag-Montefiore
Co-Founder and Director - 10Eighty

I have worked with Doug for 2 years now and I recommend him and his services highly to anyone lucky enough to come into contact with him. Doug has worked with me to breathe life into my marketing plans; through the development of the Merriborn web site to an excellent standard; by providing the technical and analytical back up to my series of online newsletters; and by working with me successfully as a partner with my own clients. He is also a person of highest integrity in his dealings with Merriborn Media and is not afraid to challenge a client's views, an attribute I value very highly. You won't regret doing business with Doug.

Working with you



A full analysis and report using specially developed and in-house exercises which deeply examine your business and customers. This will be done with you in a one hour - two hour session. From this, recommendations are made on how your business can sell your online effectively. This one of payment is deducted of our monthly packages if you wish to continue and if not you will have a solid foundation to progress online yourself.



Working together we will produce a comprehensive online marketing strategy and follow it. Combined with two consultation / coaching sessions every month. We will use our expert analysis skills and knowledge to make recommendations, set goals and achieve them together.

  • Bi-weekly consultation / coaching sessions
  • Marketing strategy creation, revision and reports
  • Help, advice and support via email
  • Weekly web marketing reports with recommendations
  • Discounted hourly rate for web development tasks and execution of recommended items.



We get more involved in the actual month to month management of the website content and social media. Helping you attract the right audience, at the right time with the right content. Includes website design and function revisions as well as website, social and email content support done in-line your goals and things we have identified.

  • Everything in the 'Coaching' package
  • Weekly consultation / coaching sessions
  • Hands on support (subject to fair use)
  • Graphics and marketing material
  • Content Creation
  • Reviesions and updates of your website to follow trends and your strategy

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