I have been working closely with 10Eighty in order to help them drive the business forward in the ever complex but important technology space. Working with different members of the team, I have produced videos, graphics, email campaigns, online events and other technological offerings.

Leadership Cloud™

The Leadership Cloud™ is a platform to help drive collaboration and learning throughout organisations. It utilises Jive Technology with Zeoin acting as chief technical adviser and administrator for it. We manage and run all the technical details of the system including, layout, maintenance and administration.


We took a main role in the re-design of 10Eighty’s CareerCENTRE™ tool. The CareerCENTRE™ is a comprehensive suite of career management tools helps individuals, managers and organisations to understand career values, motivators and skills and helps employees develop a career plan. Zeoin managed the redesign and ensured it stuck to their defined brand standards and offers maximum usability for their clients.

30 mini whiteboards, pouch, pen and eraser laid out to show the contents of Dry Erase Cards


Zeoin has run several high profile and successful mailing campaigns on behalf of 10Eighty. Offering advice on the best strategy to utilise in order to gain the maximum amount of respondence from their investment. We also take part in the design and building of the campaigns themselves to make them attractive and convert at a higher rate. All lists and emails are kept upto date and properly managed with expert data formatting skills.


We have produced a number of marketing videos on behalf of 10Eighty. These are made to a full professional standard and utilise video services such as YouTube in order to propagate and attract clients.



Zeoin has taken a large role in the production of print and graphical material on behalf of 10Eighty. Producing a number of items from full standing banners, to postcards and white papers. From logos to infographics. All the items follow a brand that we helped to establish within the mind of their customers.