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Zeoin was founded on the value of ideas. We often work on projects of our own in order to challenge ourselves and remain up to date with the latest advancements in IT. Our passion for technology is far reaching and we pride ourselves on innovation and experimentation. On this page you can find information about our latest projects and have access to any live resources.


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#DailyDoodle Social Media Campagin

A good sociel media campagin engages with your audeince and add's value to your product. In this Twitter campgain we asked members of the community to draw us a #dailydoodle which we then featured each day. View >>

Make your own #DailyDoodle

Due to the sucsess of our #dailydoodle campagin we wanted a way in which we could extend it to our customers that did not have accsess to our prodcut physically but still wanted to get involved. We creatd an online version in which people can draw and submit a #dailydoodle through their browser View >>

Lenny Photo

I am a big fan of The Simpsons and really wanted this photo of Lenny that featured on the show on my desk at work, so I vectored it and added my own name.

Before long everybody wanted one with their name too...So I made this little web app for people to add theirs easily. The generated photo can be downloaded and fits into a 6" X 8" photo frame. View >>

Scan Me!

If you came across a QR code with no description other than "Scan me!" - could you resist seeing what it was for?

I made this website to test the technology behind it as well as experiment with this social psychology.

Curiosity getting the better of you? Scan me! View >>

"Among the best I have worked with"

David Stopforth

David Stopforth

Managing Director - David Stopforth Consultancy

"Doug was recommended to me and I have to say, his customer service manner, his technical skills, his ability to simplify complex technology and deliver a sophisticated result with confidence and integrity is among the best I have worked with." View >>

Dry Erase Cards

Dry Erase Cards are a product that I created and brought right from concept to market. Including all design - physical, graphic and web.

Dry erase cards are a simple, easy-to-use multifunctional resource to help you improve your day-to-day living, whether it’s at home, work, or in the classroom.

Each pack includes thirty credit-card sized miniature whiteboards, with a dry-wipe board pen and mini eraser. View >>

University of Gloucestershire Mark Calculator

A Calculator which final year students of the University of Gloucestershire can use to calculate their degree classification. As Alumni from the university we wanted to create a calculator and host it here for students to use rather than having to deal with the stress of working it manually following the difficult formula provided. View >>


People are at the heart of every business. This is a collection of photos I have taken of people both for business and pleasure View >>


First aid is something I am passionate about and I wanted to create an online learning resource for members of the Univercity of Gloucestershire first aid society to use as part of the sessions I run as the chairman.

Using specialist software I was able to create this online course for people to learn some important life saving techniques. View >>

Phone Contract Expiry

In order to ensure you are on your contract longer than you need to be, your phone company might not remind you when your contract expires. I created this tool to enable people to set an email reminder for themselves when their contract expires. View >>

PaperLi Trimmer

PaperLi is an online service used to generate content and create email newsletters. When working with clients I often combine this with Mailchimp for their email campaigns but found that clients needed a way to help them edit the content easily ready for each publication. I created this tool to allow them to change important things like dates and formatting to get it looking exactly how they wanted from the default generated newsletter. View >>

'Creativity & Innovation' White Paper

A fully designed and created white paper based of clients copy.

In 10Eighty’s White Paper ‘Creativity & Innovation: Predictors of Employee Engagement’, written and comprehensively researched by 10Eighty's Director and Co-founder Dave Harrison. View >>

'Surfing The Collaboration Wave' White Paper

A fully designed and created white paper based of clients copy.

Women’s Careers: What Helps? What Hinders? – lifting the lid on women in the workplace by interviewing 21 women in professional and managerial roles, some self-employed, aged 28 to 65 working in a range of sectors. View >>

'Women’s Careers: What Helps? What Hinders?' White Paper

A fully designed and created white paper based of clients copy.

‘How to spread the benefits of Collaborative Learning across your organisation’. A report to enhance understanding of the transformative impact that a culture of collaboration can bring to organisations. View >>

HR Summit and Expo - 10Eighty

As part of an advertising campaign for 10Eighty I helped design and create a foldable paper fortune teller for use as a visual advertising tool. View >>

Career Fortune Teller

As part of an advertising campaign for 10Eighty I helped design and create a foldable paper fortune teller for use as a visual advertising tool. View >>

Merriborn Media

Merriborn media is a business dedicated to developing clever content, engaged online communities and effective collaborative working for clients.

I have worked with Merriborn Media extensively to enhance their online presence with the design and creation of a full website along with the creation and maintenance of a daily email newsletter. View >>

"You won't regret doing business with Doug."

Merriborn Media

Trevor Merriden

Managing Director - Merriborn Media

"I have worked with Doug for 2 years now and I recommend him and his services highly to anyone lucky enough to come into contact with him. He is a person of highest integrity in his dealings with Merriborn Media and is not afraid to challenge a client's views, an attribute I value very highly. You won't regret doing business with Doug." Read More >>

Strengthscope Cards

In order to make the Srengthscope program by 10Eighty more interactive I came up with the concept, designed and created some playing cards to be used as a visual aid of the persons strengths. Ontop of this a online application was created to enable people to make there own.View >>

Print Advertisements

I have created full print adverts for various different products and services for clients.View >>

Keith Stopforth Consultancy

The design and creation of a full website for SME Sales Consulting. Keith Stopforth Consultancy Ltd is built on solid experience, a broad pool of organisational experience and strong business ethics.View >>

Name the American States

A browser based quiz game to see how many American States you can name. View >>

"You can trust his solutions and ideas"

Liz Sebag-Montefiore

Liz Sebag-Montefiore

Co-Founder and Director - 10Eighty

"Doug is a very experienced web developer with high levels of creativity, efficiency and patience. He is quick to understand the context of a proposition and knowing you can trust his solutions and ideas, he creates a fun and engaging process with which to do it. I value his advice and look forward to continuing the relationship over the years to come." View >>

Organised Life and Mind

The design and creation of a full website for Organised Life and Mind. View >>

Signature Generator

After being commission to create a HTML signature for a client I came across the problem of having to produce one for each person individually with their details as well as any future employees. As a solution I created a signature generator to allow them to create as many as they like using my template easily. View >>

Perspective Photography

Examining perspective in this series of shots - utilising our product "Dry Erase Cards" to continue the image as an illustration within the frame. View >>


I have been been working closely with 10Eighty in order to help them drive the business forward in the ever complex but important technology space. Working closely with different members of the team, I have produced videos, graphics, email campaigns, online events and other technological offerings.

Photography Portfolio

A diverce selection of photos taken by me. View >>

Product Photography

Photos taken of products. View >>

10Eighty Showcase

A video slideshow we produced to show all the products on offer for clients of 10Eighty. View >>

Pop Your Learning Bubble

A video animation produced for 10Eighty to show the benifits of collaborative learning and their Leadership Cloud. View >>