Merriborn Media

Merriborn media is a business dedicated to developing clever content, engaged online communities and effective collaborative working for clients.

I have worked with Merriborn Media extensively to enhance their online presence with the design and creation of a full website along with the creation and maintenance of a daily email newsletter.


We provide Merriborn Media with expert analysis and recommendation every month as well as expert consultation sessions to go with it. This helps to identify and examine key items of Merriborn’s web strategy and act on them accordingly.

Web Marketing Report

Using our expert analysis tools we examined Merriborn Media’s web marketing strategy to great extent. Producing a comprehensive marketing report enabled us to breathe life into their marketing plans and increase conversions.

30 mini whiteboards, pouch, pen and eraser laid out to show the contents of Dry Erase Cards


Using a mixture of online tools and expert knowledge I run a daily newsletter service for Merriborn media to send to their subscribers. With all the the best articles professionally sourced from around the web each week by Merriborn Media and put together using PaperLi then mailed out using Mailchimp. Zeoin was an intricate part of the setup - even producing a web application to create better synergy between the two applications.

Other duties include sourcing new subscribers through a variety of techniques and advice as well as detailed analytics and recommendation.

White paper

A fully designed and created white paper titled ‘How to spread the benefits of Collaborative Learning across your organisation’. Zeoin built the paper from scratch after being supplied with the copy. This included sourcing all imagery, building the theme and putting the whole paper together into an online format.

Website Design

Zeoin built and manages the entire Merriborn Media website and subsequent web presence. Though careful analysis of the brand and its customers a website was created with purpose.